McKayla Washburn ·

I build web sites and applications using the latest web technologies. Below are some examples of my work and technologies that I am familiar with.


Observatory ·

A modern cross-platform disk usage analyzer 🔭

Observatory utilizies a radial sunburst graph to to make it painless and simple to piece together exactly what is taking up space on your computer.

Electron ESLint Parcel React Rollup Sass styled-components

Lavender ·

A Game Boy Advance emulator that runs in your browser 🎮

Lavender is an emulator for the Game Boy Advance games, written in Rust, that runs in the browser using WebAssembly and WebGL for accurate and high performance emulation on any device.

ARM v4T Assembly Rust wasm-bindgen wasm-pack WebAssembly WebGL Webpack

Gardens ·

A useful logging utility for JavaScript everywhere. 🎉

Gardens helps you keep your error and debugging output consistent in a managable way.

Node.js Deno React Native Electron Browsers

AVA ESLint Rollup TypeDoc TypeScript



A simple prototype that I made for my software engineering class.

Framer Motion React styled-components

Dangerous ·

A minesweeper game! Clear the field and locate all the mines to win.

React TypeScript

Ouroboros ·

A snake game! Use WASD, arrow keys, or swipe gestures to control the snake.

Canvas2D Touch gestures

Full stack Node.js + React

Full stack web development is definitely my area of expertise. I began teaching myself HTML, CSS, and JavaScript over 8 years ago and have continued working with them and many other technologies in a more professional manner for over 5 years.

I'm familiar with various things such as Sass, Express, React, React Router, styled-components, RxJS, Vue, MongoDB, Parcel, Rollup, Babel, TypeScript, server side rendering, continuous integration, unit testing and more.

Electron and React Native

The use of web technologies in Electron and React Native allows me to iterate quickly and produce high quality native applications across all major platforms.

I've built apps using both platforms and I'm familiar with the tooling surrounding them, such as Electron Forge, Electron Builder, Nucleus, Expo and React Native Navigation.

Rust and WebAssembly

I love using Rust and WebAssembly. Rust is honestly just more pleasant to work with than most other systems programming languages, and strikes a great balance of providing high level abstractions and tooling, while also giving you powerful low level control of your program.

The performance of WebAssembly, the safety of Rust, and the portability of the web make for a great combination. They provide abilities that web applications didn't have access to before, and I love experimenting with them.